Tales of Indigo: Blu Ceramics by Sinem Celik

Book of Denim

Among shelves packed with denim paraphernalia, there are small stacks of plates and coffee cups that also boldly wear the indigo colour. These artisanal ceramic pieces are produced in an Istanbul-based atelier, staffed by one person only. Denim industry veteran Sinem Celik, with over 16 years’ experience (and counting), exhibited her collaboration with Nudie Jeans last year at Kingpins. ‘Blu Ceramics’ became the talk of denim town.  

Her move from fabrics to ceramics was sparked while enjoying a cup of coffee at a restaurant in Istanbul. She couldn’t help but notice the charming beauty of the cup she was holding. Driven by curiosity, she sought out its creator, who eventually became her mentor and source of inspiration. She continues to reinterpret the reminiscences of that exact moment, but trusts her instincts and allows the memory of old forms to create new shapes. Shaping and colouring become “a magical adventure, as it is all about trying and discovering new things, without having any borders”, Sinem says. “In this way, the process around ceramics is just like life.”

Her work is now famous for its stunning use of indigo and blue tones – reflecting how the world of denim still impregnates her creative process. Sinem Celik’s Blu Ceramics are available in small numbers at Nudie Jeans shops globally and one local concept store in Istanbul whose name says it all: Slow Public, a store that connects people to the values of slow living and handmade products.

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