The Wrevolution can be televised

Book of Denim volume 2

Last year, Wrangler returned to the 1970s to mark its 70th anniversary with a remarkable collection backed by an equally fresh  campaign. Celebrating the time that this OG denim brand was a pinnacle label of youth culture, and paying homage to the seventies as an insanely vibrant time for denim. It has bought Wrangler back into the focus of trend consumers. Their latest take on re-inventing a glorious past is the Wrevolution campaign, which revisits the 1980s. And more particularly: the new American Dream.

America dreaming evolved from middle class aspirations–a house in the suburbs and a happy, carefree life–to being ‘Number 1’ and greed is good. Wealth gone wild. The early eighties were the years of rebellion, fuck you’s (today’s Trump-bashing is peanuts compared to what Reagan had to deal with in a pre-internet era), and pure hedonism in one. John Bender–wearing a denim jacket–caught the Zeitgeist in one simple line in the 1985 movie The Breakfast Club: “Being bad feels pretty good, huh?”

That feeling is what Wrangler’s new collection is all about. Including resurrecting ultra corny slogans like Wrangler Wrocks.

We could mention here the current collection. We could talk about the newly introduced fit called the Slider (a regular fit around the waist and slowly tapered to the ankles). Or the familiar fits like the tapered Larston and straight-leg Greensboro, which have been reinvented in washes of pastel shades. Or the women’s straight-leg jeans with a rainbow splash at the hem. More here.

But instead, we got distracted by some of the little lesser heard tracks from that iconic era. These tracks erhmmm…. Wrock.

The Art of Noise – Moments in Love (1984)

Sun Belt – Spin It (1981)

Simple Minds – I Travel (1980)

Blondie – Atomic (1980)

Marcel King – Reach for Love (1984)

… And as a bonus, a Wrangler encore: